Fees and Policies


Short telephone consultation to discuss any questions you may have before your first appointment is offered for free. If you are a student, unemployed or a pensioner I am able to provide a concessionary rate, as indicated below.

Counselling for Adults

Individual psychotherapy session: $140 / 50 mins
Concession price: $130 / 50 mins

Counselling for Children and Young People (age 20 years and under)

Individual psychotherapy session: $150 / 50 mins
Concession price: $135 / 50 mins
Parent Review Meeting for parents and care-givers: $130 / 50 mins

Supervision for Counsellors and other professionals

Individual supervision session: $130 / 50 mins

School-based Counselling, Trainings for Pupils and Staff

Please contact me for a free quote, describing the services required.

Trainings and Workshops for Charities, Organisations, Schools

Please contact me for a free quote.

Policies around cancellations, missed appointments

If you need to cancel a session for whatever reason, you can do so free of charge if you provide a minimum of 2 days (48 hours) notice. If you cancel less than 48 hours before the session, you will still need to pay fully for the missed session.

Emergencies are exempt from this policy, meaning that if you cannot attend a session because of an unexpected emergency (for example you came down with the flu), then you will not be charged for the missed session, even if you provided less than 48 hours’ notice.