Counselling for Adults

I firmly believe that therapy can only ever be successful if there is a good alliance between the client and the counsellor. In our first sessions, I will invite you to test if you feel safe with me; to assess whether you feel you could come to trust me, in time. If you choose to work with me, I will ask you to consider your goals and the length of the therapy.

Short-term Therapy

The length of short-term therapy can vary, but generally it is a therapy that is 12 weeks (12 sessions) long or shorter. 6 sessions are usually required to make lasting gains in therapy. According to recent studies, on average it takes 9 weeks for the average person to pick up a new habit; in therapy we are looking to help you make changes in your life, so it makes sense that it would take a while for these to become solidified.

Usually in short-term work I draw on CBT techniques and practices such as relaxation and mindfulness. Short-term therapy focuses on finding practical solutions for your problems; it may include learning stress management tools or a focused exploration of the topic that bothers you.

Long-term Therapy

Long-term or open-ended therapy is best if you are not sure about the root of your problems, or if there are many things you may wish to look at. My approach to working in long-term therapy relies mainly on psychodynamic theories; meaning that I believe our early experiences (such as those encountered during our childhood and adolescence) have a significant impact on us.

We may search for patterns in your life, to better understand what may be causing and perpetuating your problems. In long-term therapy it is crucial that you come to trust me, to share these often very personal memories and experiences.